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bun [bun buns] BrE [bʌn] NAmE [bʌn] noun
1. countable (BrE)a small round sweet cake
an iced bun
see also hot cross bun
2. countable (BrE also bap)a small round flat bread roll
a hamburger bun
compare roll
3. countable long hair that has been twisted into a round shape and is worn on top or at the back of the head
She wore her hair in a bun.
4. bunsplural (slang, especially NAmE)the two sides of a person's bottom
Idiom:have a bun in the oven
See also:bap

Word Origin:
late Middle English: of unknown origin.

Example Bank:
She pulled her hair back into a messy bun.
a woman with her hair in a loose bun

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