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1 when a baby is born
2 before a baby is born
3 after a baby is born
actions that result in birth

1 when a baby is born
- to come out of the mother's body at the beginning of life: be born, (informal) arrive; nouns (C/U): birth, (informal) arrival
I was born on the 21st of June. Has her baby arrived yet? the birth of her second child before/after birth
- to produce a baby: have a baby, (formal) give* birth (to ※€¦)
Has she had the baby yet? She gave birth to twins.
- the act of giving birth to a baby: (formal) childbirth (noun U)
The mother died in childbirth.
- connected with women giving birth: maternity (only before a noun)
a maternity hospital some maternity clothes
- the last stage before the baby is born: labour (noun U)
She was in labour for more than eight hours.
- a birth which involves cutting an opening in the mother's body: Caesarean
She had to have a Caesarean when her first child was born.
- a person who has been trained to help a woman give birth: midwife (plural midwives)
- a baby which has just been born is new-born
the cry of a new-born baby
- when a baby is born before the expected time, it is premature
The baby was eight weeks premature. a premature baby
- to give birth before the baby is fully formed, with the result that the baby cannot live: lose* a baby, miscarry; the act of giving birth to a baby like this: miscarriage
She has lost the baby. She has had several miscarriages.
- a baby which is dead when it is born is stillborn
a stillborn baby

2 before a baby is born
- a woman who has a baby developing inside her is pregnant, (less formal) expecting; noun (U): pregnancy
Sue was five months pregnant. Did you know she's expecting a baby in June? She went for a pregnancy test.
- the period of time when a woman is pregnant: pregnancy
a difficult/normal pregnancy
- connected with the medical care of women before birth: antenatal
an antenatal clinic
- to become pregnant: conceive (a baby); noun (U/C): conception
Their first child was conceived soon after they got married. Tests found that she was unable to conceive. the moment of conception
- a baby (or young animal) at its earliest stage of development inside the mother: embryo (plural embryos)
- a baby (or young animal) that is developing inside the mother's body: foetus (AmE fetus)
- the ability to produce children: fertility (noun U)
Women can take drugs to increase their fertility.
- ways of preventing a woman becoming pregnant: contraception (noun U)
- controlling the number of children in a family: birth control (noun U), family planning (noun U)
They need to decide on the best method of birth control.
※ methods of contraception SEX
- the act of ending a pregnancy intentionally: abortion (noun C/U)
Thousands of abortions are carried out every year. We argued about the rights and wrongs of abortion.
- to have a pregnancy ended intentionally: have an abortion
She was reluctant to have an abortion.

3 after a baby is born
- connected with the medical care of women after birth: postnatal
- an official piece of paper recording a person's birth: birth certificate
- the day of the year on which you were born: birthday
- the place where a person was born: birthplace
Shakespeare's birthplace is in Stratford upon Avon.
- a person who was born in a particular place: native; connected with the place where a person was born: native
He is a native of Poland. She has never been back to her native land.
※—† MORE ...
- the tube that connects a baby to its mother before it is born: umbilical cord
- equipment used in hospital for keeping alive babies that are not strong: incubator
- a baby that is artificially conceived outside the body: test-tube baby
- the number of babies born in a particular group of people during a particular period of time: birth rate
The birth rate has fallen to less than 1 in 1000.

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