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Từ điển Việt Anh (Vietnamese English Dictionary)
dân tộc

Nation, race
dân tộc Việt Nam the Vietnamese race
Nationality, ethnic group
một nước có nhiều dân tộc a country with many nationalities
chủ nghĩa dân tộc nationalism
dân tộc thiểu số an ethnic minority

[dân tộc]
nation; people
Dân tộc Việt Nam là một
The Vietnamese nation is one
Tất cả các dân tộc trên thế giới đều sinh ra bình đẳng; dân tộc nào cũng có quyền hưởng tự do và hạnh phúc
All peoples in the world are born equal, enjoy the right to freedom and happiness
nationality; ethnic group
Một nước có nhiều dân tộc
A country with many nationalities/ethnic groups
Chủ nghĩa dân tộc
The Vietnamese nation was formed through a process of anthropological interference and the interexchange of two major ancient cultures, the Chinese and the Indian. As far as anthropology is concerned, the Vietnamese people have their origin in the Mongoloid race, believed to be one of the major races of the world and often found in northern and eastern Asia. At present, there are 54 different ethnic minority groups inhabiting Vietnam. The Kinh people (or Viets) account for nearly 90 percent of Vietnam's total population. Major ethnic minority groups include the Tay, Thai, Muong, H'Mong, Dao and Khmer.

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